[Album] Folly Group – Down There! 

 have shared details of debut album ‘Down There!'.

The band won acclaim with their debut EP ‘Awake And Hungry', accompanied by some startling live shows. Clash named Folly Group one of the most exciting acts at SXSW, and they've spent this year on the road.

Debut album ‘Down There!' is out on January 12th courtesy of the fine folks at So Young Records, and sessions emphasised their communal artistry. The artwork on the cover emphasises this – it's a 3D cave network, featuring 10 points, which represent different places in London pivotal to the album's creation.

Singer Louis Milburn comments: “They're represented as a cave, as a visual metaphor for feeling under the weight of the world…”

Guitarist / vocalist Louis Milburn comments: “The basic concept of this song is life filling you with so much anxiety and dread that you would rather you didn't exist at all – you'd rather be swallowed by the ground. In a way it's sort of celebrating this fact, because once you know this deep down inside you can start to let go of these anxieties because after a while you face so many that they start to matter less.”

Tune in now.

Folly Group – Down There! Lyrics and Tracklist

  • Big Ground
  • I'll Do What I Can
  • Bright Night
  • East Flat Crows
  • Strange Neighbour
  • Freeze
  • Pressure Pod
  • Nest
  • New Feature
  • Frame

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