Revealing 5 Lesser-Known Secrets About Michael Jackson, Including the Shocking Condition of His Legs

The music mogul and sensation popularly identified as the ‘King of Pop' has earned a reputation every music star craves and has failed to breach to date.

This was fuelled by his outstanding talent as of the time of his dominance on earth before death transpired.


From childhood, Michael Jackson embraced the stage and carried it along with him in dominance for decades until he succumbed to the call of nature.

Being identified as one of the most adored hip-hop sensations of all time, there are what seem to be creepy rare theories and secrets you don't know about the king of pop.

Although Michael Jackson rocked the world, his flaws were intact as he kept them private behind the scenes until death spilled it.

There have been enough theories revolving around him but below are the confirmed secrets you don't know about Michael Jackson.

His last words

Sleeping ailing Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson stunned the world of entertainment, however, he was already showing convincing signs that death was calling.

Due to Micheal Jackson's insufficient sleeping syndrome identified as Insomnia, his doctor Conrad Robert Murray snubbed the necessary medical protocol and medically manslaughtered Michael Jackson by overdosing him with propofol which served as a sleeping agent.

On June 25th 2009, the same sleeping trauma struck Michael Jackson attached to a variety of ailments that left him bedridden, he overdosed on propofol and died from its complications.

He had also built the reputation of consuming propofol he often identified as milk each time his trauma was knocked at a higher stake. He became addicted to the extent that he couldn't resist the urge to consume propofol which helped him fall asleep.

Unlike many incredible statuses who made nice last statements before death, Michael Jackson was unique and different.

As disclosed by Wikipedia, his words were ‘ Milk' which he repeatedly said as he was willing and craving to sleep before he died.

According to Michael Jackson's doctor who was later convicted and sentenced for manslaughter, Michael Jackson pleaded for Propofol repeatedly before he died. He added that he wanted to sleep as his busy schedule had left him restless.

Even though he suffered complications, Michael Jackson never showed any sign of a tendency as he was willing to perform at his already sold-out O2 Arena concert.

Rotten Legs

The legs of Michael Jackson while dancing

Being incredibly linked to a good reputation, Michael Jackson was always afraid to share his flaws with the public as he preferred keeping them private.

Building his income around dancing and top-notch performances, Michael Jackson's legs were the peak asset of his stage performance. The likes of ‘Moon Walk' he launched while performing his hit song ‘Billie Jean' in 1983 prove just what he had attained with his foot game.

Going far to constant friction and performance, Michael Jackson's leg rotted after an undisclosed fungus attacked it. You could now be paved through the reason he wore stockings in all his performances as he couldn't display his feet which he assumed was horrible.

According to his doctor Murray, Michael Jackson preferred to take a painkiller inferring to his addiction to propofol which he always consumed like ‘Milk' he often described it as.

Michael Jackson's feet became worse to the extent that they dished bad odour. Despite the view of this, he preferred to maintain his privacy and never alerted any doctor of the trauma. Several sources disclosed that he was incredibly ashamed of his rotten legs.

Plastic Surgeries

Stages of Michael Jackson's transformation

Even though the King of Pop never admitted to having been obsessed with going under the knife, reality had him caught short of his reputation, he did portray a mass number of plastic surgeries during his era.

His first approach transpired in 1979 after he got his nose reduced via a ‘Nose Job'. The surgery turned out so good that many were inspired to welcome the circumstance.

While the media pressured his motive for such an adventure, he disclosed that he never did it to reduce his natural nose but did it to maintain his fitness and health. According to him, he fell and injured his nose during rehearsal, which caused him to go under the knife as he was willing to repair damages.

Months after rocking the new nose, he seemed not satisfied and headed back for another ‘Nose Job'. It all turned out so nice but he, however, suffered difficulties in breathing which needed a repair as disclosed by his surgeon.

He advanced even more making his nose tinier. Amid media pressure, Michael Jackson confessed that he did attain several ‘Nose Jobs' because he wanted to be able to sing high notes which he found difficult. Still, he never admitted to attaining ‘Nose Jobs' for discarding his race.

This spanned to his skin colour which suddenly started changing to white sparking another Plastic Surgery controversy. Several pieces of evidence proved that Michael Jackson suffered from a skin disease identified as vitiligo specialised in reaping the outermost part of the skin.

While the media tried to digest his sudden skin change, his chin became fatter while his nose became even more thinner attracting concerned civilians who mounted pressure on him. Michael never admitted to having a chin implant but it was all visible on several occasions.

His obsession with surgeries grew vast to the extent that his face got extremely unrehabilitated. His nose started to cave in thrusting his surgeon to rebuild a whole new nose for the singer.

Other sources disclosed that he further underwent an eyelid surgery that left him with a permanent look.

Even though the singer never admitted to having multiple surgeries, some theories that have justified Michael Jackson; disclosed that the singer allegedly attained all the surgeries because he never wanted to look like his father.


Michael Jackson wearing his famous wig

You could be stunned to learn that all these years, Michael was bald and had no single hair. His signature hair he represented for a long time was nothing but a wig.

Before this trauma, there was an incredible disaster that led to the situation.

At the peak of his career, when he was 25, Michael Jackson had secured a big deal with Pepsi and was scheduled to perform a commercial for the firm.

This was portrayed in front of a whopping number of 3 thousand fans who were passionate to watch him deploy his service to their satisfaction. As he performed his hit song ‘Billie Jean', for a Pepsi Cola Commercial in Los Angeles, the fireworks went wrong, sparked and set light to his hair.

This razed his hair before he was saved and rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed. Michael Jackson never wanted his hair discarded and tried to regrow it throw hair implants but it never went as planned forcing him to go bald and disguise himself in a wig.

However, despite the nature of this, no one was able to know that Michael was bald until he died. An autopsy result proved that the singer was bald.

Children controversy

Michael Jackson spending time with children

Away from Michael's reputation, he faced several counts of Child Séxual abuse that he debunked until he died.

It became active in 1993 when he was accused of séxually molésting a child to his satisfaction.

He continued to debunk all the allegations despite that some parents reported him more often.

Michael Jackson in reality loved Children and has always confessed that ‘not being able to enjoy his childhood under his father's strictness', he loved to spend time with children.

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